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Advanced Research Methods in Psychology (2 º Sem 2016/2017)

Code: 00624
Acronym: 00624
Level: 2nd Cycle
Basic: No
Teaching Language(s): English
Friendly languages:
Be English-friendly or any other language-friendly means that UC is taught in a language but can either of the following conditions:
1. There are support materials in English / other language;
2. There are exercises, tests and exams in English / other language;
3. There is a possibility to present written or oral work in English / other language.
1 6.0 0.0 h/sem 20.0 h/sem 6.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 1.0 h/sem 27.0 h/sem 123.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 150.0 h/sem
Since year 2015/2016
Pre-requisites Bachelor degree in psychology
Objectives This curricular unit aims to develop a profound knowledge about different methods and techniques of research in social and organizational psychology. In particular, the use of different specific research tools and methods in this domain is examined together with conditions and resources necessary for their application.
Particular emphasize is given to the experience of conducting scientific research in Psychology, to knowledge about the elaboration of research projects and about the process of publication in scientific journals.  
Program CP 1. The development of research ideas and basics of the research process
CP 2. Advantages and methodological problems associated with the choice of diverse types of studies
CP 3. Strategies of data-analysis and presentation of research results
CP 4. How to prepare a research project / a grant proposal
CP 5. Phases of the publication process: Preparation, submission and revision. Structure of different types of scientific articles
Evaluation Method Continuos evaluation: one group work about an empirical study that will be conducted during the semester and should be presented as a poster (50%); one individual work about the conducted study in the form of a short scientific article (45%); participation in LAPSO studies (1 hour 30 minutes in SPI) (5%). Evaluation by final exam: similar to continuos evaluation. However, students have to perform their assignments individually.
Teaching Method This course aims to realize a strong connection with the praxis of research. Apart from theoretical-practical lectures in which research works are presented and discussed, tutorials in small groups accompany the learning process of each student and promote a consolidation of the acquired knowledge. The students are asked to realize several works, including a complete empirical study, supporting a better understanding of the subject and permitting the students calibrate their research strategies.
Observations Students should be present in the theoretical-practical lectures and at least in 50% of the practical lectures.
Basic Bibliographic Bryman, A. & Cramer, D. (2003). Análise de dados em ciências sociais. Introdução às técnicas utilizando o SPSS para windows (3ª Ed.). Oeiras: Celta.
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Complementar Bibliographic Bibliografia específica depende do tema da investigação realizada e será recomendada nas aulas teórico-práticas a decorrer durante o semestre.