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Seminar on Political Communication (2 º Sem 2016/2017)

Code: 02160
Acronym: 02160
Level: 2nd Cycle
Basic: No
Teaching Language(s): English
Friendly languages:
Be English-friendly or any other language-friendly means that UC is taught in a language but can either of the following conditions:
1. There are support materials in English / other language;
2. There are exercises, tests and exams in English / other language;
3. There is a possibility to present written or oral work in English / other language.
1 6.0 0.0 h/sem 20.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 1.0 h/sem 21.0 h/sem 129.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 150.0 h/sem
Since year 2012/2013
Pre-requisites Not applicable.
Objectives To provide an overview of the major concepts, debates and findings within socials sciences such as political science, political sociology, and communication and media studies, identifying, overlaps, convergences and divergences among them. It also aims at offering students conceptual tools to approach and understand how political communication is changing via the growing use of ICT, both as an instrument and as a space where such strategies take place.
Program The role of information and communication technologies in political communication strategies
The Euro crisis as a hypothetical death sentence for the European project
The Euro Crisis on the media
The Internet as a tool for social movements
The Internet as a stage for social and political conflict; Participation as part of a political-democratic struggle
The distinction between participation and access / interaction
Management in Belgian and Dutch television talk shows
BBC's Video Nation as an example of power and control dynamics.
Evaluation Method Active participation in all sessions. Writing a first draft of a research paper. The total working time required for the draft of this work is estimated in about 20 hours of library research and / or fieldwork.
The final paper will represent 70% of the grade. The originality and innovation in research work for the drafting of the article will contribute to the assessment with 20%. The participation at the seminar will be assessed at 10%.
Teaching Method
Basic Bibliographic
Complementar Bibliographic