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Métodos de Pesquisa e Análise na Internet (2 º Sem 2017/2018)


Métodos de Pesquisa e Análise na Internet

Mestrado em Estudos de Internet


The course will range across the following key topics: 1)Introduction.New reality means new methods? The development of new methodological approaches and techniques in Internet research 2)Entering the virtual field:A critical evaluation of online qualitative and ethnographic fieldwork 3)Online survey research and analysis:possibilities and challenges 4)Ethical principles concerning online research 5)Accessing,collecting and analysing online archives and statistical databases 6)Observational techniques and participant observation of online communities 7)Online interviews: designing and conducting. Synchronous and asynchronous techniques 8)Content analysis of Internet data 9)Online questionnaire:method assessment 10)Questionnaire design,administration and collection of data; Construction of a Lime Survey questionnaire?An exercise 11)Social network analysis and visualization; Webometrics and other state of the art techniques; 12)Critical reflections and final considerations.