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Cultura e Industrias Criativas (1 º Sem 2018/2019)



    - Adorno, Theodor (2001) The culture industry: selected essays on mass culture, London: Routledge
    - Anheier, Helmut K and Raj Isar, Yudhishthir (2008) Cultures and Globalization. The Cultural Economy, London: Sage
    - Davies, Rosamund and Sigthorsson, Gauti (2013) Introducing the Creative Industries From Theory to Practice, London: Sage
    - Flew, Terry (2012) The Creative Industries: Culture and Policy, London: Sage, 2012
    - Hartley, John (2005) Creative Industries, Oxford: Blackwell
    - Hartley, John; Potts, Jason; Cunningham, Stuart; Flew, Terry; Keane, Michael Banks, John (2012) Key Concepts in Creative Industries, London: Sage
    - Hesmondhalgh, David (2013) The Cultural Industries. 3rd edition, London: Sage


    A list of complementary readings will be provided to students by each session leader.