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Strategic Management (1 º Sem 2016/2017)

Code: L0510
Acronym: L0510
Level: 1st Cycle
Basic: No
Teaching Language(s): English, Portuguese
Friendly languages:
Be English-friendly or any other language-friendly means that UC is taught in a language but can either of the following conditions:
1. There are support materials in English / other language;
2. There are exercises, tests and exams in English / other language;
3. There is a possibility to present written or oral work in English / other language.
1 6.0 0.0 h/sem 54.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 1.0 h/sem 55.0 h/sem 95.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 150.0 h/sem
Since year 2015/2016
Pre-requisites None.
Objectives Present and develop the concepts, methodologies and tools needed for an effective participation in the strategic management process.
Program I.Basic Concepts
1.1.From Positioning to Movement
1.2.Processes of Strategic Formulation. Meanings of Strategy
II.Strategy Formulation
2.1.Vision and Mission
2.2.Environment Analysis
2.2.1.Global Environment
2.2.2.Industry Environment
2.3.Firm Analysis
2.3.1. VRIO Model
2.4.Strategy definition and Choice
2.4.1 Business strategies
2.4.2 Corporate strategies Diversification Vertical Integration Globalization Strategic Alliances
III.Strategy Implementation
3.1.Short Term Objectives, Functional Tactics, compensation systems, empowerment and outsourcing.
3.2.Leadership and Organisational Culture
IV.Corporate Governance: Main Theories
4.1.The Anglo-Saxon Model
4.2.The German-Japanese Model
VI.Strategic Control
5.1.Strategic Control
5.2.Balanced Scorecard
VI.Organisational Ethics and Social Responsibility
Evaluation Method Option 1(On-going system)

-50%:End of term Test (AW=30+3 hrs)
-20%:Average of case presentations with reports (AW=30 hrs)
-15%:Group papers summary (TA=24)
-10%: 2 Quizzes (TA=8)
-5% Participation in class
Approval: Weighted average of 10 or more (0-20 scale); the end of term test and the weighted average of the remaining continuous assessment components cannot be less than 8(0-20).

Option 2(End of term exam)
Approval: 10(0-20)

Teaching Method 1. The teaching methodology includes lectures, cases discussion and examples presentation (AW = 10 + 16 + 6 hrs).
2. The students are motivated to participate on the discussions (AW = 30 hrs).
3. Self-study (preparation for the end-of-term exam) (AW = 30 hrs).
Observations Students covered by the "Internal regulation for Students with Special Statutes" should contact the Curricular Unit professor or coordinator during the first week of classes of each semester to allow for framing of learning processes and evaluation of the curricular unit.
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Working Papers:
António, Nelson Santos & Rodrigues, Jorge (2006) Balanced Scorecard e Mapas Estratégicos, Working Paper 01/06, Grupo Estratégia Organizacional/ISCTE
Nicolau, Isabel (2001) O Conceito de estratégia, Working Paper 01-01, INDEG/ISCTE  

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