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International Marketing (1 º Sem 2014/2015)

Code: L1801
Acronym: L1801
Level: 1st Cycle
Basic: No
Teaching Language(s): Portuguese, English
Friendly languages:
Be English-friendly or any other language-friendly means that UC is taught in a language but can either of the following conditions:
1. There are support materials in English / other language;
2. There are exercises, tests and exams in English / other language;
3. There is a possibility to present written or oral work in English / other language.
1 6.0 0.0 h/sem 36.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 1.0 h/sem 37.0 h/sem 113.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 150.0 h/sem
Since year 2011/2012
Pre-requisites None
Objectives The main purpose of this course is to enable students to apply the specifics of International Marketing to real situations in the business environment
Program I The decision to internationalise
II The international environment and International market selection
III Foreign market entry strategies
IV The international marketing programme
Evaluation Method During Learning-teaching term:
-Attendance/case study analysis and discussion during classes: 15%
-A case study presentation within working groups: 35%
-Final test: 50%
Final student classification, 0/20 and assiduity/punctuality = or > than 80%
Minimum grade in any of the components - 8.5 values
Students that fail in the regular grading system have two additional moments to pass: first and second exams, each worth 100% of the final grade.
Teaching Method each student should acquire analytical, information gathering, written and oral communication skills, according to the established learning outcomes for this unit.

the following learning methodologies (LM) will be used:

3.Active, with the realization of company projects.
4.Experimental laboratory, with negotiation role-plays
Self-study, related with autonomus work by the student, as is contemplated in the Class Planning

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