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Human Resources Management (2 º Sem 2016/2017)

Code: L1901
Acronym: L1901
Level: 1st Cycle
Basic: No
Teaching Language(s): English, Portuguese
Friendly languages:
Be English-friendly or any other language-friendly means that UC is taught in a language but can either of the following conditions:
1. There are support materials in English / other language;
2. There are exercises, tests and exams in English / other language;
3. There is a possibility to present written or oral work in English / other language.
1 6.0 0.0 h/sem 36.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 1.0 h/sem 37.0 h/sem 113.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem 150.0 h/sem
Since year 2016/2017
Pre-requisites -
Objectives This course aims to develop the competences of analysis of the main Human Resources policies, their possible applications  and integration with general management

Program 1.  Introduction to HRM  

2. Industrial relations and collective bargaining
2.1 Conditions of service and law
2.2 Collective bargaining

3. Human resources planning and recruiting
3.1 Human resources planning
3.2 Job description
3.3 Recruitment and selection
3.4  Induction and socialization practices

4. Reward management and conditions of service
4.2  Pay and benefits
4.3 Pay for performance

5. Performance, careers and development
5.1.  Training and development
5.2. Performance appraisals
5.3. Managing careers and human potential

6. Integrated HRM
6.1. Integrated HRM and strategic HRM

Evaluation Method To the assessment of continuous evaluation is made by:
- Individual assignment (30%).
- Final Test (70%)
Students who take under 8 values in the individual assignment or tests or more than 20% of absenteeism will be excluded from continuous evaluation.
Students excluded from continuous evaluation can take the final exam (100%).The use of information/media not expressly referred by the teacher during written exams imply not being approved.
Teaching Method In order to develop the competences of general diagnosis of HR policies and to articulate them with general management policies, the following methodologies will be used:
1. Expositional to the main theoretical contents;
2. Discussion of practical cases;
3. Resolution of exercises

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