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Métodos Quantitativos Aplicados ao Marketing (1 º Sem 2018/2019)


Aulas Teórico-Prática

Aula 1

Lecture 1

Presentation of the course: aims, program, evaluation, teaching methodology and references. A motivating example of data collection using online forms.

Aula 2

Lecture 2

SPSS: Constructing a dataset in SPSS using data from EXCEL. Types of data and measurement scales.

Aula 3

Lecture 3

SPSS: Exploratory data analysis - obtaining descriptive statistics in SPSS.

Aula 4

Lecture 4

SPSS: Exploratory data analysis - producing customized tables and plots in SPSS. Presentation of the COURSEWORK by the lecturer.

Aula 5

Lecture 5

SPSS: Parametric hypothesis testing (one-sample t-test, independent samples t-test and Oneway ANOVA in SPSS).

Aula 6

Lecture 6

SPSS: Non-parametric hypothesis testing (Chi-square test for Independence; Mann-Whitney and Kruskal-Wallis tests in SPSS).

Aula 7

Lecture 7

Hypothesis testing: an Overview.

Aula 8

Lecture 8

SPSS: The simple linear regression model - a motivating example in SPSS.

Aula 9

Lecture 9

The multiple linear regression model: parameter estimation and assumptions.

Aula 10

Lecture 10

SPSS: Model selection in multiple linear regression analysis models. Interpretation of SPSS outputs.

Aula 11

Lecture 11

Coursework group presentations made by the students.

Aula 12

Lecture 12

Principal components analysis (PCA) in SPSS - a motivating example.

Aula 13

Lecture 13

SPSS: Performing PCA in SPSS. The problematic of the rotation of the components. Saving the scores of the dimensions.

Aula 14

Lecture 14

PCA: obtaining and interpreting the principal components.

Aula 15

Lecture 15

PCA: applications.

Aula 16

Lecture 16

SPSS: Performing Hierarchical Cluster Analysis in SPSS.

Aula 17

Lecture 17

Hierarchical cluster analysis: measures of distance and cluster methods.

Aula 18

Lecture 18

SPSS: Non-hierarchical k-means clustering in SPSS.

Aula 19

Lecture 19

Comparing different grouping solutions and characterizing the groups that were obtained.

Aula 20

Lecture 20

SPSS: applications using the various techniques covered in the course.