August 22, 2019
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Privacy notice

This privacy notice describes how we collect, treat and protect your personal data, and also lists the available options on how we can use your data.

1 Collection of personal data

ISCTE-IUL can collect personal information through various sources, including the personal details provided to us when you apply, register or enrol in our courses; the data sent by the Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES) to the Higher Education Establishments following the National Competition for Access; as well as the data submitted in the Fénix academic management system, if you have already been a student at ISCTE-IUL.

The data collected in this context are indispensable for the accomplishment of the intended objective, namely compliance with the requirements of our courses, in what concerns the formalisation and conduct of the application, registration or enrolment; and the consequent provision of the inherent services by ISCTE-IUL.

The data categories that we collect from you and other others can include:

  • Identification data (e.g. name, number and copy of the identification document, date of birth, nationality, country of origin, taxpayer number);
  • Contacts (e.g. telephone, email, address);
  • Qualifications (e.g. academic data, educational establishments);
  • Other (e.g. health data relative to special needs, religious belief, professional situation; name and educational level of parents).

If School Social Action has been requested or is requested at a later date, the data categories collected from you, or from the Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES) can include:

  • Personal information (e.g. composition and characterisation of the household);
  • Financial and social security data (e.g. taxpayer number, social security identification number, IBAN, statement of income, movable and immovable property, monthly statement of remunerations, welfare benefits).

2 Purposes of processing and legal bases

We use your data for one or more of the following purposes:

  • Compliance with all the academic management duties derived from your application, registration or enrolment in one or more of our courses;
  • Management of the individual student case files and ensuring that our records are correct and up-to-date;
  • Exercise of the duties entrusted to Higher Education Establishments under the legislation and regulations in force;
  • In the case of applicants to scholarships, selection and access to existing assistance, including scholarships, social assistance, special needs;
  • Sending of communications or response to questions addressed to us;
  • Provision of statistical information to the Directorate General for Education and Science Statistics (DGEEC), completion of the Register of Enrolled and Graduate Higher Education Students (RAIDES) and National Register of Doctoral Thesis Topics (RENATES);
  • Promotion of your professional insertion, through ISCTE-IUL platforms, dedicated to drawing together students and employer entities;
  • Disclosure of your contacts to recognised and certified international entities, responsible for preparing rankings of higher education courses that, under this activity, need to contact the students in order to validate the information.

The legal and regulatory basis for treating your personal data are related to one of the following situations:

  • Pre-contractual diligences (application) or obligations arising from the contract established between the institution and student (registration/enrolment), for example access to classes, use of the facilities and services that are available, the processing of information relative and inherent to the academic path;
  • Compliance with the legal obligations to which ISCTE-IUL is subject, such as, for example, those related to DGES, the Tax Authority; or derived from the exercise of other specific rights of ISCTE-IUL or of the data subject;
  • Compliance with obligations and the exercise of specific rights on matters of social protection, namely the processing of sensitive data relative to health, special needs and religious belief;
  • Your consent, pursuant to subparagraph a) of number 1 of article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

3 Personal data storage period

Your personal information will be stored for the time strictly necessary for the purpose of its processing, or by legal or regulatory determination. During the storage period, you should inform us of any changes to the personal data we hold that refers to you.

4 Your rights

In line with the provisions in the General Data Protection Regulation, the data subject has a series of rights, including the right of access to the data and to rectifying the data. Provisions have been made, under certain conditions, of rights to limit the processing and object to the processing, of the possibility of requesting their erasure or the sharing of the information with other entities in a structured format, of current use and automatic reading. In order to exercise your rights, you should use the contacts indicated in point 7 of this notice.

When the legal basis of use of your personal data arises from consent, this is voluntary and we will only process your personal data for the purposes indicated in the consent(s) provided, and until you withdraw your consent. You may, at any time, withdraw your consent by accessing the consent page.

Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of previous processing done based on your consent or of other legally required processing activities.

ISCTE-IUL undertakes the commitment to respond in the most fair and appropriate form to any complaints relative to the processing of personal data. If you consider that ISCTE-IUL was not competent in resolving a complaint submitted, you have the right to present this complaint to the National Data Protection Commission.

5 Receivers of data and Sharing of information

ISCTE-IUL does not disclose personal data or share personal data with third parties, except under your consent or if compelled to do so by legal and regulatory requirements.

ISCTE-IUL can subcontract service providers for situations where this is necessary. This prerogative can imply the need to share information relative to personal data. In this context, the necessary measures are taken to ensure that the service providers offer all the guarantees for the safeguarding, security and confidentiality of the shared personal data and that they act exclusively in conformity with the instructions given by ISCTE-IUL.

ISCTE-IUL discloses personal data to the following entities:

  • Caixa Geral de Depósitos for issue of student card;
  • Entities in which ISCTE-IUL has a stake (INDEG-ISCTE, AUDAX, IPPS, BGI) for the same purposes and legal basis referred to in this notice;
  • Employer entities enrolled in ISCTE-IUL platforms, dedicated to drawing together students and employer entities (professional insertion), through your consent;
  • Employer or recruitment entities, through your consent.

In the case of scholarship applicants, ISCTE-IUL may disclose data to the following external entities:

  • Directorate General for Higher Education IT Supporting Platform for the Competition to Award Higher Education Scholarships - SICABE;
  • Student Association (AE), through your consent, to attribute benefits or discounts through the AE;
  • Entities issuing the social transport pass.

Other situations in which ISCTE-IUL may disclose personal information to third parties:

  • When required by law or by other regulatory obligations of public bodies, namely the provision of information to the Directorate General for Education and Science Statistics (DGEEC), to the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) in the case of foreign students.
  • Under the legitimate interests of ISCTE-IUL, pursuant to subparagraph f) of number 1 of article 6 of the GDPR, in particular when requested by recognised and certified international entities, responsible for preparing rankings of higher education courses that, under its activity, need to contact the students in order to validate the information.

6 Transfer of information

The main supporting information systems of ISCTE-IUL are hosted in servers located in Portugal. However, it may be necessary for the data to be transferred, archived or processed in a different country, in which case it will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR. When the personal data are transferred to a country without an adequacy decision, pursuant to article 45 of the GDPR, suitable guarantees will be assured using binding rules with legal enforcement, standard data protection clauses that are approved or with explicit consent of the data subjects.

7 Our contacts

For any issue related to the processing of your personal data, please use the following email address: The Data Protection Officer can also be contacted via the email

8 Changes to the privacy notice

This privacy notice can be consulted on this Fenix page. ISCTE-IUL reserves its right to revise this notice whenever considered appropriate or necessary. All changes are considered effective from the date of their publication/updating. The version and date of the latest change are part of this document.

We recommend that you regularly review the privacy notice to check for any new updates.

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